January 26, 2020

Bismarck Event Center

Welcome to our largest ND Bridal Shower of 2020

I am so excited for this years 2020 theme!  As a Couple along with your family and friends, you will get to enjoy our biggest “Bridal Shower” in North Dakota and I am planning it just for you!! Come join us for Education, Games, Food, Great Professionals, fun, and Great Ideas Everywhere!

As an Event Planner for 19 years and owner of Signature Events, we are so looking forward to bringing you a great event and excited to add new elements that will be just for you as a couple along with your family and friends that join you. One area that Signature Events specializes in is wedding planning and Coordination, so we know just want you are looking for in a Bridal Show. As we get closer to this event we will be sharing some great elements that you will want to be part of… so stay tuned on our Facebook page!!  I am so excited to see you all January 26, 2020 for our trend setting Bridal show.

Dream Day Bridal Show Facebook Page

The Trend Setting Dream Day Bridal Show 2020 Schedule –

10:30 am– Executive Limousine Courtesy rides will begin from the South parking lot to the front doors of the Bismarck Event Center.

11:30 am– Guests are able to begin registration- Once again this year be one of the first 100 brides through registration, not only do you receive a awesome swag bag you have the possiblitiy of finding the $100 bill in your bag!

12:00 pm– Welcome and Introduction of the Dream Day Bridal Show presented by Signature Events- You will want to be on the look out for the HUGE MONEY balls again this year, be the one to catch it when the music ends and you are a lucky winner!

12:15 pm- Visit with some fantastic professionals who are excited to show you their talent and show how they can make your special day run smoothly, so your only job is to enjoy your wedding day together with your families and friends.

1:00 pm– Executive Limousine courtesy rides will end

2:25 pm– Introduction to the “Dream Day Bridal Show Bridal Shower”

2:30 pm– Dream Day Bridal Show Bridal Shower begins

Description:  This event is exactly the title of it…. a Bridal Shower for all the brides, family, and friends. Signature Events will be handing out a small gift, we will be playing exciting interactive “Minute to Win it” games all provided by our great professional, and continuing to eat and drink yummy treats.  There will be score cards made with every business who is participating and a column for your score to be written in.  The top 15 brides with the highest score will automatically be contestants on the “What’s the Price?” game show.  I will be drawing 17 more contestants from the bride/groom registration cards that you filedl out when you arrived.

3:15 pm– Executive Limousine Courtesy Rides will begin

3:30 pm- “What’s the Price?” game show begins

Description: A fun game that entices you to ask how much services/products cost from our wonderful professionals while touring through the booths.  Now that you are educated and we draw your registration card that you filled out upon arriving, you will have a chance to guess on groupings of prizes. The couple/bride/or groom that has the closest guess without going over WINS the grouping.

4:00 pm- Closing Remarks

4:30 pm– Limousine Courtesy Rides will be completed