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Welcome! My name is Renee Murrish, owner of Signature Events, I started Signature Events in 2014, although not new to the event planning processes (with having 15 years of experience planning events) going out and successfully creating my own business is an exciting adventure for me, and I love it! I was married in September 2010 to my “Once upon a time” and my “Happily ever after” king, Rob. My husband has been so supportive of my dream business, which energizes and excites me, I am so grateful! In September of 2011 our little prince joined our family and has kept us both hopping and completed our family. Our family is a priority for us and we cherish our time together, we all love to go camping, hiking, boating, hunting, and just simply stay home and play cars in the dirt.   You ask do I hunt? Well…..kinda the only thing I truly hunt is turkeys….the rest of the animals I am just a trail blazer, a blind companion, a animal spotter, lover of nature, the conversationalist (very quietly of course…or I get the stink eye), the pre-unwrapped candy eater (yes I am learning the technique of being quiet)…as you can tell I am NOT the serious hunter). Some activities I love to do in my spare time is entertain, read, play the piano, or sit outside with a cup of great coffee and brain storm of new ideas to implement personally and for Signature Events.

I am delighted that you took the time to get to know myself a little better, and I would sure love to hear about yourself and the vision you have for your spectacular event. One of my two mottos is “Creating the Unforgettable”, this is so true; I love to make each event a “signature event” with your own uniqueness so your guests will not forget what a fantastic time they had. The second motto I have is “Be a Guest at Your Own Event”, my top priority; I love to enable my clients to enjoy the occasion they have a passion for and to be able to enjoy it with the people they love and/or what to succeed with to the next level of achievement. Best part of all is being able to accomplish your dream event….. STRESS FREE!