Welcome!  Planning events has always been my passion and a part of my corporate job positions since 1999. In May of 2014 taking that leap of opening my own event planning business has been challenging, yet very rewarding, has tested my patience to the highest degree, and yet has been such a fulfilling and successful adventure. The true definition of the event planning concept was not in this area so my work was cut out for me. At the time the Idea Center was gracious and listened to my ideas and my business plan and put me in contact with one of the premiere Event Decorators in the area and I was blessed that they chose to take a chance on me to plan a few of their high-end weddings. I spend a lot of time just talking with people, educating people, and people became clients. In 2016, I was approached to partner up with a Venue, Harvest Catering & Events, in Mandan, to manager their venue and teach their staff how to put on great events and create a great wedding, corporate meetings, friends and family venue and help make their venue successful…and the venue is just that! In 2017, Signature Events was approached to purchase and continue the great Dream Day Bridal Show, was also known as the I Do Bridal Show and Y93 Bridal Show and this has been a great avenue to continue to education and provide a great experience where couples, family, and friends can enjoy an afternoon of fun, education, games, visit with talented professionals who love showcasing their talents. Also, in late 2017, our family welcomed baby #2 and Signature Events started to evolve slightly in a different direction. In 2018, I no longer took as many off-site or out of town events. I realized that in business you have to be flexible…because in real life things change, I learned to be ok with change…with change the outcome generally is way better in the end and in my case it was so true! In mid-2018, Signature Events was asked to Manage the Catering side of Harvest Catering & Events and of course we excepted and we became the General Manager of the venue and continue to help them expand. I am excited for the growth of Bismarck and Mandan, for Signature Events, it creates more needs for new venues and looking forward to continuing to grow our current clients venue portfolio and take on more venues and continue our passion for teaching event planning and managing venues to success. Nothing excites me more than when a University of Mary student wants to job shadow! Event planners are starting to pop up and the concept of having an event planner has continued to grow in our area …and this makes me so happy! Fun Fact: Having an event planner at your event really allows you to be a guest at your own event. 2020 was the year our dreams came true even in a pandemic…we reached our goal of having our own venue…the historic Mandan Depot!!!  The venue can hold up to 60 guests and within the venue, we launched an Event Gallery.  The Event Gallery is a one-stop-visual gallery that has all of your main elements to plan any event from a wedding to a backyard family gathering.  I am so excited for 2021 as we continue to see growth as a whole in our area, create and host events in our own venue, be able to continue to provide a great educational Bridal Show for upcoming couples, help our clients be successful in their venues, and continue to personally take on a few clients’ private events a year. Family is very important to me and my top priority is to keep my family top priority….without my family I am not my best. Thank you for taking the time to read our story, it has been a really great adventure. Sometimes when we start an adventure we have a certain vision…then life happens…and then we need to adjust our original vision… I had to learn to be flexible, as in my case, the adventure became more grand and more fulfilling. If you have any questions for Signature Events or book an event at Signature Events | Mandan Depot or  Harvest Catering & Events please do not hesitate to give me a call at 701-226-1640.

I am delighted that you took the time to get to know myself a little better, and I would sure love to hear about yourself and the vision you have for your spectacular event. One of my two mottos is “Creating the Unforgettable”, this is so true; I love to make each event a “signature event” with your own uniqueness so your guests will not forget what a fantastic time they had. The second motto I have is “Be a Guest at Your Own Event”, my top priority; I love to enable my clients to enjoy the occasion they have a passion for and to be able to enjoy it with the people they love and/or what to succeed with to the next level of achievement. Best part of all is being able to accomplish your dream event….. STRESS FREE!

Every event is a new, unique, and Signature Event!
Renee Murrish | Signature Events- Owner | Dream Day Bridal Show- Owner | Harvest Catering & Events- General Manager