In this day and age email is so prominent and such an easier and less expensive way of communication and texting is even more, but for this blog I would like to touch on the etiquette of e-mail….Should I e-mail should I NOT!

The best rule of thumb for should I email should I not is ask your self …”Would I feel comfortable extending this invitation over the phone and to the world” (remember emails are NOT private)? If the answer is yes then email away.  I will say for weddings there are only a few elements email is appropriate…the more formal the element, the more reason invitations need to be provided by our great postal service. Let me explain…

When is it UNACCEPTABLE to use email:

  1. For your actual Wedding Invitation- Only exception is if for some reason your wedding needs to be pushed up for an unexpected reason and you do not have the time to get invitations out and if you would follow the rule of thumb that you are just going to take to the phone and start inviting guests that way, then by all means create a fabulous email invitation and email away.
  2. For Thank you Notes- Your Thank You notes are the most important element for showing your greatest appreciation for your guests who took the time to come to your event and even more important they used their hard earned funds to purchase you a gift. Your thank you note should be hand written and sent in the mail….that is the least you can do!
  3. For Sticky Situations- This is a key situation that email should never be used!! The main reason…it is so easy to have your tone of your words misunderstood. Having even more of a tone misunderstanding could take your situation to the next level and further in the wrong direction extremely fast….and it could have been resolved so easily if you just picked up the phone or set up a face to face meeting.

When is it ACCEPTABLE to use email:

  1. For your Save-the-Date announcements- It has become very popular to create a paper form and mail out an announcement, but if you would like to save a little money on postage and creation of this announcement, here is an element that is perfectly acceptable to use email.
  2. For your Wedding/Event RSVP’s- Perfectly acceptable to have your RSVP’s come back to you via email…again saving a little money on postage. This reason ties into the next reason nicely…..
  3. For Wedding/Event Updates or Reminders- Having your guests RSVP by email allows you to keep their email so when you have a possible change or update or reminder to your event it is really easy to let your guests know. Example…adding another hotel room block, or informing/reminding them that you will provide taxi service after the wedding/Event back to the hotel, or an easy way if your guest forgot to let you know which entree they would like, etc…
  4. For very Informal Gathering- Examples:  engagement party, bridal shower, baby gender reveal party, birthday party ….as long as you use the rule of thumb “would I call them and invite them over the phone?” if yes….email away!! 🙂

If you are in need of help with your planning, Signature Events is here to help! Just want someone to look at your planning details to make sure you have not missed anything or just need some advice or recommendations? Signature Events has a consultation option as well. Give us a call at 701-226-1640.

Happy Planning & Enjoy your week!

Renee Murrish/Signature Events-Owner