What is the difference between a Planner and a Coordinator? This question gets asked of me often, make sure you know the answer when hiring one or the other. I am excited to see many new planners and coordinators popping up in the Bismarck/Mandan area, I want to help you make the correct decision because after all it is all about your amazing event running smoothly and you being able to spend the evening with your guests and worry about the details.

Things to ask yourself to decide either you are needing a Planner or a Coordinator or both.

  1. Do you have time to find the professionals you need for your event?
  2. Do you have time to schedule meetings and know the proper questions to ask?
  3. Do you feel you can handle people in your life that tend to be strong about their opinions?

If you answer YES to all these questions then all you need to hire is a Coordinator to put all your hard work into action the day of your fabulous event. Now your coordinator should actually come on board about a month before you event so they have time to meet your professionals you hired and ensure that they have your vision and interest in mind. If you would like show your coordinator your contracts and they should be able to look at them and ensure that you are getting charged correctly and make sure you did not miss any last minute details.  Your Coordinators ONLY job is to focus on making sure all the professionals are set up on time, carrying out your vision correctly, know each element that happening and on time. Lastly they will be there to handle any problems that might occur during the event.  Hiring a Coordinator is so important for you being to be able to just simply enjoy your event you worked so hard on planning and spend the event with your guests.