The holidays have arrived….my FAVORITE time of year!!! Do you love getting those party invitations in the mail or now a days that invitation text? In our minds we want to be the BEST guest ever so we can stay on that invitation list over and over again….so what does that mean? Here are 5 short sure ways to stay on the “lets have them back again” list.

  1. RSVP as soon as you know you can attend or not attend- For the host this is the most stressful part of planning their special party….who is coming and who is not. Be that guest that RSVP’s right away even if it is a regretful RSVP.
  2. Ask what you can bring to help out with the party- Suggestion instead of asking “What can I bring?” ask “May I bring _______” example, wine, appetizer, salad, buns etc… When you ask “What can I bring?” it makes it very easy for the host to say no, and asking “May I bring ____” tells the host you are gladly ready and willing to help out.
  3. Shoes OFF or ON- Once you arrive–take notice–does the host have their shoes on or off. If their shoes are on, feel free to leave your shoes on IF they are not dusty or dirty. If you arrive and the host has their shoes off please remove your shoes and place them off to the side by the door. Suggestion: bring some fuzzy socks or slippers to slip on for comfort. My opinion is ALWAYS take off your shoes.
  4. Be helpful- Through out the party (if there is no planner on site) be willing to jump in and help the host clear the table or set food out or refill food, this way the host is not always stuck in the kitchen and is able to enjoy the night with all of you.
  5. Show gratefulness- Before leaving find the host and express your gratefulness for the invite and pick one thing you loved about the day/evening. If you feel necessary it is extra special to send a small thank you note in the mail.

Signature Events loves to take the stress off of the host so they can simply enjoy the day/evening with their guests by attending the event, coordinating party elements, adding decor, making sure all the guests are comfortable, refilling the beverages and food, keeping everything neat and running smoothly. If you have a party coming up and would like Signature Events to assist…I would be honored! Call me at 701-226-1640.