“What You Should Know About Your Decorator”

I am asked, “What are the benefits of hiring a decorator?” Great question! Just some of the benefits with hiring a decorator are the following:

  • Saves you enormous amount of time
  • Allow for your friends and family to be able to just enjoy the wedding day
  • Decorators have so many ideas to enhance your great ideas
  • On the day of your wedding, it creates a stress free mind set in knowing your decoration vision is being executed while you are able to spend the morning with your to be husband, bridal party, friends and family and enjoying it….it goes by so fast as it is!!
  • After a long day of celebration you, groom, and your families can just go to bed and not worry about one centerpiece.

It sounds so relaxing and stress free does it not? Ask around to brides that have used a decorator versus DIY and get their insight…guaranteed to get the answer….worth every penny!

I am asked, “How Do I Find A Amazing Decorator?”  Again great question! Here are some questions to ask yourself?

  • Does this decorator fit my budget?
  • Does this decorator have my date open?
  • Are the OVERALL reviews of this decorator fit your expectations? Keep in mind: some clients the decorator could have done all they could…and it still was not going to be good enough. We as viewers, do not know the whole story behind the review. Look at other reviews and if the same topic or point keeps coming up then take a closer look. J It is also acceptable to ask the decorator about the review.
  • Do you like the majority of the events the decorator has decorated? Keep in mind: Some decorators have the option of setting out items the bride has made, and also maybe some brides vision or style is not yours; so when looking at pictures be careful saying “ I do not like how they decorate”…the decorator might have nailed that particular clients vision. Better yet look at the items they carry and, after answering the first 3 questions and they are yes, have that consultation meeting to see if the decorator can execute your vision. If every backdrop and every wedding is not your expectation, then yes, move on to your next decorator option.

If these questions are all yes, set up an appointment to meet the decorator.  After your meeting with the decorator ask the following questions to yourself?

  • Did the decorator listen to me or try to talk over me?
  • Did the decorator try to totally recreate my vision without consulting my opinion?
  • Did I feel I could just talk “out loud” through my ideas?
  • Did the decorator make me feel my ideas were important?
  • Did the decorator show me respect?
  • Did the decorator create the stress-free feeling in me?

If you answered all these questions to your expectations…. hire that decorator and do not look back…you have a great fit!

I am asked, “What does my decorator expect from me? I love this questions because it shows me my bride cares.  J Here are ways you can help your decorator out so you both can continue to have a close relationship during the planning process.

  • Use the first meeting to really throw out all of your ideas so you both can sort through which ones are realistic for your timeline and budget…trust them…this is not their first rodeo.
  • Bring to meetings pictures of what you LOVE, like, and HATE. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a great tool, but some looks can be really expensive. Allow your decorator to show their talent to recreate it (and maybe a little different) to fit your budget and timeline.
  • Give your decorator some flexibility to create unique items for you….Do not worry you WILL NOT be seeing them for the first time on your wedding day!!
  • It is just as important to show your decorator styles you do not like.
  • Once you have fallen in love with a style, and your decorator has begun working on centerpieces…stick with it! Yes, you can still tweak things but keep the main style and theme. Your decorator, if need be, will purchase things just for your wedding…be respectful of that.
  • Be respectful of your decorator’s time…Although they make you feel that you are their only wedding they are working on …..it is not! J
  • Ask your decorator how they would like to communicate and how often? How would they like your ideas to be communicated to the them…email, phone, connect them to your pinterest page…? Most decorators love to receive communication by email or text; this way they have it written down and when they have a moment they can respond to you.
  • When the decorator is meeting with you, you have their undivided attention make sure you come prepared for the meeting.       Have your questions written down to make sure you get all your questions answered, by doing this, you will naturally not be stressed through this planning period you will feel organized and prepared yourself.

You ask “What I should know about my decorator?”  Fantastic question! This is a important question!!  Here are a few “inside” thoughts of a decorator.

  • Your decorator loves to hear your honesty of what you do love and dislike, they want your special day to be perfect for YOU! Your decorator wants to know that they are on the right track or not…very important! If you DISLIKE something…show kindness and respect and say something like this… I think you did a great job on _______ but I just do not think that is my style.
  • If you have a problem with your decorator…DO NOT go to social media first….GO TO YOUR DECORATOR and try to work it out FIRST. This is where you really have an extra benefit of having a planner/coordinator…I would handle all this for you! By going to your decorator first shows respect and loyalty and you will have a better chance for a positive resolution.
  • Your decorator loves to see appreciation and that they are not being taken advantage of.
  • Your decorator loves to create a working relationship with you so from time to time they will like to talk about your family, what you and to be husband like to do in your spare time, what your hobbies are, your family dynamics…they want to get to know you…it really helps when they are creating your dream day.
  • Coming prepared to your meetings makes the decorator feel like you are respecting their time.
  • Decorators love when you and your groom and your families keep a small eye on your guests and tell your guests that the decorations are not to be played with or taken as souvenirs…bride & groom will be charged for broken and/or missing pieces. J
  • Decorators love to get thank you cards!

If you follow these few steps and both sides show respect and kindness you will have the wedding of your dreams and it will be a extremely once in a lifetime fun planning experience!  Feel free if you have any questions to email me at Renee@SignatureEventsMandan.com and I will be happy to answer them.  Happy planning my beautiful brides and happy creating to the fantastic decorators out there!!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Renee Murrish