wedding checklist (cubes crossword series)

Is hiring a Wedding Planner a luxury or necessity? The worst thing I dislike reading about or hearing is a beautiful bride saying about three months before her special day is “I just wish this was over and I just want to be married!!”. Brides this is suppose to be the once in a lifetime dream come true day for you, embrace it….enjoy it… it!!!! Here are 7 things to consider in why you might like to have a Wedding Planner.

#7 If you are planning a wedding that is located in a different town in which you currently live.
The Wedding Planner will know the venues and service providers’ reputation and the service you are going to get for your hard earned money you will be spending on them, and they will help you find the best that fits your budget. In this step it also saves you time and money by not having to go on the hunt yourself.

#6 Meeting the demands of your family and friends is a struggle to you.
The Wedding Planner first sits down with you (bride & groom) to get your vision (I LOVE when the groom likes to be involved!) that you have dreamed about or have just recently embraced. By doing this, the Wedding Planner will be your “shield” for you to inform your family and friends of your vision and take care of all the opinions and ideas that the “others” might be pressing for, for your day.  Remember bride this is YOUR and your GROOMS day and your Wedding Planner will KEEP it that way and FOLLOW the COUPLES vision and wishes.

#5 You and your Groom do not want wedding planning to take over your life for the next year.
Wedding Planners save you a huge amount of time by making all the calls to the different venues and service providers that are in your vision and fit your budget to find out who is available for your date. The Wedding Planner will make all your appointments, and I will add, save you money by negotiating prices since the Wedding Planners works with these companies on a regular basis. We also keep you on schedule so you do not get blind sided with all of your deadlines….you do not have to remember anything just enjoy the planning… stress free!!

#4 You and your groom do not want to spend hours researching companies.
This is worth saying again…We Wedding Planners know the reputation and the trustworthiness of the premiere venues and service providers, so therefore, you do not have to spend hours trying to research them out and asking around for reviews.

#3 Planning normal events and gatherings are stressful to you.
Your wedding day should be PURE enjoyment!! This goes for both, long engagements or short engagements, you should be able to enjoy every moment of your planning.  After you have been married for a couple of months you should be able to look back and have happy memories. Being under so much stress and trying to do this all by yourself causes sometimes the most beautiful bride to turn into a bridezilla, due only to, lack of sleeping, lack of eating, etc…being stressed out makes the most wonderful person fall apart if no help is in sight.  I myself, a Wedding Planner, had help with my own wedding!!!…..I wanted to make sure I loved every part because I was marring the man of my dreams and I did not want anything to cause me to be a bridezilla!

#2 Sticking to a budget is a hard task for you.
This one is a huge point….your Wedding Planner will help you with this, to which, in the end saves you a lot of money!! This also can save a lot of hard feelings among families members.

#1 BRIDE and GROOM you deserve to have the perfect day you both have dreamed about and embraced.

Wedding Planners have had a lot of experience in planning and coordinating weddings and other events; we know what services should cost, what should be in your contract, what to look for in contracts, the right questions to ask the service providers, and how to get the best price for you. Most of all we know how to put every detail together to insure you have the best day of your life and the first GREATEST day of your lives as husband and wife!

I know this is a lot to take in and think about.  If you are a bride who enjoys planning and feel you have it under control….I am so excited for you and so glad you are embracing this great adventure beautifully.  The suggestion I have is to hire a day of coordinator for the day of your wedding so you can see all your hard work put into action, and you do not have to worry about one detail on your fantastic day. You, your groom, and families job for that day is to enjoy the day to its fullest.  For the Bride and Groom and Family who wants to relax from day one and have zero worries and have a total stress free adventure….hire a wedding planner from day one….in both cases it is money well spent.  I encourage you to test this theory by just asking around to ones who have done their wedding all themselves and ones who have hired a wedding planner/coordinator and ask if they would change anything now looking back.

Please if you have any questions please please feel free to contact me and I would love to answer them for you! Happy Engagement!!

Renee Murrish
Signature Events